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A bit about me- Steve Roake


Lets get one thing straight from the start - Im no expert when it comes to hoppers , but to say im an enthusiast is also an understatement. I got involved in ballooning back in 1983 when i started attending festivals. Spotted my first hopper and realised that with an engineering background (both Aerospace and Motor racing) i needed one . It struck me the same way I got enthused about motorbikes for the same reason.     

In 2004 I realised this great form of ballooning lacked any presence on the world wide web. Trying to redress this initially I set up a forum on Yahoogroups by which like minded individuals could compare notes and exchange views.

Shortly afterwards I started writing about hoppers in the newsletter trying to give them a space where you can get both technical information and useful  

tips. With the advent of Facebook and twitter etc we got more current.

We have done some fun things with the cloudhoppers membership. 

Facebook membership exceeds 1500 (around June 2020), and we have set world records along the way .

The thing with hopping is you meet some really nice people along your travels 

and I have been very fortunate with these meetings.

I have a good relationship with the manufacturers and we are always seeking new ways of having fun with a hopper.

My two foremost goals now are 

1, to hold an indoor hopper meet in a big hanger or exhibition building.

2, to establish a hopper only Alpine winter meet.

If you have got this far and have the passion for hopping , my advice is join the cloudhoppers page on Facebook and ask any question you have .there are a wealth of experts there , ready to share their passion . 

Me? well ive sold all my other ballooning assets to concentrate on flying this beauty you see here .

Thanks for visiting the site and remember , in life there is no practising , so if you want to take part - seize the moment .

June 2020

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