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Current Cloudhopper World Records


The structure of the sport supports dedicated World records recognised by the FAI the organisation who manage such things, and verifies their validation.Where differences occur , the records , their class classification and details of whom is currently the outstanding exponent of that particular record will be listed and the date when the record was acheived .Ballooning (hot air) falls into a substructure of these records and cloudhopping records fall into the categories of AX1 to AX4. Any changes once ratified by the governing body will be updated, but notification of any outstanding effort will be welcome by the website editor for admission.

In Cloudhopping categories of the world class ballooning records , we fall into four destinct categories. These are AX1, AX, AX3 and AX4. The differences in these four categories are the sizes of the balloons involved in terms of specific volume. These categories are then also subdivided into Male and Female. Each specific category has a record for duration , altitude and distance flown. 


AX1 Current Holders (for balloons 250m3 or less)


Male  Gunter Schabus (AUT) on 28/02/1995  at  2308metres.

Female Pauline Baker (IRL) on 26/01/2007    at   447metres.


Male Coy Foster (USA) on 07/02/1988             at 47.44kms.

Female Pauline Baker (IRL) on 27/01/2007     at   6.59kms.


Male Pierrick Duvoisin(SUI) on 19/12/2007    of 6 hours 20mins 38seconds.

Female Pauline Baker(IRL)  on 26/01/2007     of 1hour 40mins


AX2 Current Holders ( for balloons  250-400m3)


Male Pierrick Duvoisin(SUI) on 19/12/2007      at 6hours 20mins 38 seconds.   

Female Pauline Baker(IRL)   on 26/01/2007      at 1hour 40mins.


Male Mark Shemilt(UK)        on 02/01/2010      at 182.34kms.  

Female Pauline Baker(IRL)  on 14/01/2007       at 22.68kms.


Male Mark Shemilt(UK)       on 17/12/2008       of  7hours 26mins 56seconds. 

Female Pauline Baker(IRL) on  07/01/2007       of  3hours 35mins.


AX3 Current Holders (for balloons 400-600m3)


Male  Coy Foster(USA)        on 15/02/1986       at 6165metres. 

Female Pauline Baker(IRL) on 24/01/2008       at 4272 metres.


Male  Oscar Lindstrom(SWE) on 04/03/2001   at 341.36kms.

Female Julia Bayly(UK)            on 05/06/1994   at 59.57kms.


Male      Greg Winker (USA)  on 10/01/2016   of 9hours 26mins 49 seconds. 

Female Sandra Rolfe (CAN)     on 09/02/2014   of 4hours17mins42seconds.


AX4 Current Holders(for balloons 600-900m3)


Male  Coy Foster(USA)          on 23/02/1986      at 8994metres 

Female Pauline Baker (IRL)   on 24/01/2008      at 4272metres.


Male Richard L Jaworski (USA) on 20/01/2008  at 417.7kms. 

Female Sandra Rolfe(CAN)       on 30/01/2012  at 117.84kms.


Male Richard L Jaworski(USA) on 05/02/2007      of  23hours 11mins. 

Female Sandra Rolfe(CAN)      on 13/01/2015      of  7hours24mins35seconds.



 All records correct at 26th October 2015 .

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