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Design to Build


When you contact a balloon manufacturer , they take your order and give you the opportunity to customise your balloon with each individual panel available in any colour you like from a standard pallet to bespoke individual colours made to special order. On top of this , you can also add dedicated artwork to give your balloon that unique appeal.


Ensuring that the artist has got the remit perfectly right , the manufacturer then produces a visual representation of "how they think the finalised order will look". At this stage any alterations can be acheived before any material is cut and the client can sign off the contract as ready to produce.
















As you can see from the two images above , this beautiful Dutch Duo chariot shows us just how accurate the final product is in comparison to the original detailed artist impression. PH-SJK is a lovely example of a special shaped Duo with the final version a credit to the manufacturer Cameron balloons Limited .

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