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Facts of Hoppers




In this section of the website we look into the various ways in which a cloudhopper balloon has been developed and created.There are pages here that delve into the various elements of design, construction and how you take a client's raw ambition and turn it into firstly a visual representation and when that is agreed and signed off to the actual balloon. 


We show you what an early visualization of the cloudhopper will be like with a rendered image trying to get the client's ideas into a pictoral form. Then following roughly a three month build program we show you what the finished item looks like in the flesh. 


For a novice, we explain what a cloudhopper balloon is made up of. Each part of the craft is explained with examples of the bits that collectively make the creation. Envelopes, Tanks and Seat units are shown so that you grasp what makes the balloon complete.



Everybody asks that one question."So what's it like to fly a cloudhopper"? Sounds an easy question but in fact in itself it is a challenging topic. I have tried to describe in my own words what the sensation of flying a cloudhopper is like. I have also included a short 30 second video, taken on a bright winter's morning in North Wales to try and shown you the view from aboard this remarkable aircraft.   





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