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About Us

Publicising Cloudhopping for over 20 years

This is a story about a guy who was passionate about one man ballooning. As there was no direct place to go find out about the sport, so he decided to create one originally on yahoo groups. In the years that have followed we have substantially grown, got involved with manuafacturers , set a world record and thrived . Not bad for an amateur!

OMM 2021 Jim findlay G-CLKC.jpeg

The Story so far !

This site is run by a regular pilot who just happened to prefer flying one man balloons rather than the bigger ones .Yes i did have them but they just arent so much fun. A cloudhopper is like a sports car in the sky. Small lightweight with no real mass so when you add hot air instantly you get a return , so you fly the thing with small regular inputs - akin to keeping a kettle boiling .

Now on my fourth Cloudhopper , i started with second hand stock and worked my way into it learning to fly them(and nearly breaking my ankle on my very first flight).

If you can drive a car you can fly a balloon .Once youve got a license on a regular one you can transfer those skills to one of these.


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