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News Updates


Periodically there will be some item of News that just has to be spread far and wide asap. Whilst most information will go into the Cloudhoppers Newsletter, any item deemed important will be listed here , by date of news release from top to bottom of the page. I will also post event news and items for sale of interest to our sector of the marketplace . 



July 2017

We recently completed the Cameron Balloons sponsored Solo Record flight at the bi annual Mondial Air 

Ballons festival held in Chambley France. A total of 36 hoppers beat the unofficial existing record of 29 "in the air at any one time" and now we seek to get this feat recognised by Guinness World Records .

October 2017

The annual gathering of One Man Balloons is scheduled to occur at the One Man Meet , now in its 32nd year.

This years venue will be The Mill House Hotel in Kingham Oxfordshire over the weekend of 9th October onwards. All are welcome to join us even if you only have an interest in finding out more about these great craft . 


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