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Naturally when you approach a new sport there are various ways of obtaining the equipment to be able to fly . Some people choose to build their own craft and with this in mind I have listed contact information to the groups and people who can assist you with this approach.


There are manufacturers who design and build bespoke aircraft specifically for our sector of the marketplace. All the current known products available for purchase are listed here by manufacturer indexed A-Z and with no preference.


There is also a thriving second hand market with rapid turnaround on kit as and when it becomes available. Specialised sites support this niche and are also listed with contact details .


As we have evolved, so has the way we communicate all the relevant news that affects our small niche of the ballooning world. Instant communication is available via the Cloudhoppers' page on Facebook which is open to owner flyers, people who classify themselves as fans and to newcomers who simply want to learn more about these amazing craft. In earlier times we utilised Yahoo groups for our communication purposes , but in this fast changing world where demand is instant, we simply out grew this medium and so I decided to shut down this format and transfer all relevant information to this one centralised hub .

This isn't a crusade for me , it is a portal for you to get whatever you require to maximise your enjoyment of a Cloudhopper or Duo Chariot. If any of the above ways fail to give you the answer you demand then feel free to contact me directly at the email provided .



For New Cameron balloons try 

or for Ultramagic Solo'sàtics--s34_128.html

and Ultramagic Duo's



Second hand equipment available at


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