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One Man Flying  

your one stop place for anything to do with Cloudhoppers or Duo chariot

flying in the Lighter than air flying category. 

Latest News - Just added-Newsletter Number 158
 Welcome one and all to, a one stop place for all your hoppering needs. We operate from here , and on facebook on the Cloudhoppers page.The Latest Newsletter is now out, full of the latest information of all that is new in the world of hopping.
Within the February newsletter is Greg Winkers Ultimate Hopper. 
There is a nifty fix from Cameron Balloons regarding Piezo lighters for LBL hopper burners
and a couple of tasty new craft for you to drool over.

You get out of this what you put in , so articles are always welcome, feel free to send me contributions- its simply up to you!
This is your one stop place for anything to do with Hopping and duo chariots
so please feel free to contact me with content you think would be suitable for the next Newsletter. 

I welcome your feedback via
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